Mission Statement

The Tower serves as a medium of information for the community through reporting and/or analyzing the inner workings of Princeton High School, the school district, and cultural and athletic events that affect the student body; providing a source of general news for parents, teachers, and peers; voicing various opinions from an informed group of writers; and maintaining quality in accurate content and appealing aesthetics, as well as upholding professionalism and journalistic integrity.

Editorial Board

The Editoral Board of the Tower consists of a select group of 14 Tower 2023 staff members. The views of board members are accurately reflected in the editorial, which is co-written each month by the Board with primary authorship changing monthly.

Letter and Submission Policy

All letters and articles are welcome for consideration. Please email all submissions to phstowersenioreditors@gmail.com. The editors reserve the rights to alter letters for length and to edit articles. The Editors-in-Chief take full responsibility for the content of this paper.

Publication Policy

The newspaper accepts advice from the administration and the advisors in regard to the newspaper’s content; however, the final decision to print the content lies with the Editors-in-Chief. The Tower’s articles do not necessarily represent the views of the administration, faculty, or staff.


The Tower aims to uphold accuracy in articles and welcomes suggestions regarding the content of the articles. Corrections and retractions of articles will be determined on a case-by-case basis; please email all requests to phstowersenioreditors@gmail.com for consideration.