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Dr. Kathleen Foster steps in as Interim Superintendent
Aritra RayAndrew KuoEmily Kim
On October 22, the PHS community received an email from the Board of Education stating that Dr. Carol Kelley would be resigning from her role as PPS Superintendent following a nine-month leave of...
Girls Volleyball Team Storm Past Competition En Route to State Title
Matthew Chen
Princeton High School’s volleyball program has historically been successful in past seasons, claiming the 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 league titles in succession. This season’s team is no exception,...

Soccer Practice with Nick Matese

Stop relying on celebrity activism
Claire TangChloe Zhao
In the past, celebrities were shining stars: singers, dancers and politicians only seen by fans...
Embracing empathy amidst the conflict in Israel and Palestine
Tamar AssayagHarry Dweck
On October 7, 2023, Hamas, the Muslim authority of the Gaza Strip, invaded the state of Israel. In response, the Israeli cabinet vowed “to wipe…...
Teachers and transference: does Freud matter in high schools?
Alexander Margulis
“It almost looks,” wrote Sigmund Freud in “Analysis Terminable and Interminable,” his dark, sobering final paper, “as if analysis were the third of...
College apps or kind hearts: the truth behind community service
Community service is no foreign concept for many students around the nation. Many school districts, including Princeton High School, require their...
Hands down — quiet people, speak up
Joy ChenIniya Karimanal
The teacher has just asked a question and the answer that was so clear in your mind is now clouded by questions: What if it’s wrong? What if everyone...
Arts & Entertainment
PHS Choir and Orchestra Collaborate in Preparation for an Unforgettable Opera
Ruhee Hegde
From Unicef Benefits to Singalongs in town, the PHS Choir and Orchestra departments each have their own ways of expressing the unique elements of music. However, this year was the first year in which...
Arts & Entertainment
“We Were Liars” Review
Tessa Silver
Have you met families that seem to be the definition of picture-perfect? Often these families actually contain and conceal ruinous secrets. “We Were...
Arts & Entertainment
Spooky Season Reads: The Secret History by Donna Tartt
Vita Moss-Wang
Set at the fictional Hampden College in Vermont, “The Secret History” by Donna Tartt is a sinister reverse-murder mystery that is the perfect spooky...
Arts & Entertainment
Savoring Silence: A Spooky October Review of Alex Michaelides’ The Silent Patient
Raya Kondakindi
The paintbrush brushes the canvas as lightly and familiarly as the hug between two reunited friends. The smell of paint wafts through the air, your...
Arts & Entertainment
Fall Fashion Trends and its Effect on Personal Style
Avery McDowell
As fall is beginning, numerous fashion trends are becoming popularized. But do these fall fashion labels motivate us to cultivate better taste in...
Arts & Entertainment
Spooky Halloween Crossword
Sara Shahab Diaz
Halloween: Holiday celebrated on October 31st Pumpkin: Fruit that is commonly carved into a spooky smile Costume: What people wear on...
Arts & Entertainment
Musician Elliott
Sky Jo
In the fall of melodies and swing, young Elliott Peeler ’24 stood in the midst of it all, watching the performance of an actor playing “Tevye” in the...
Arts & Entertainment
Student interviews: What is your favorite mystery/thriller tv show or movie and why?
Meghna Myneni
Dia Beri ‘25 “My fave thriller/mystery show is ‘Pretty Little Liars’ because it has the most beautiful 2000s aesthetic and always keeps me on my feet...