Student interviews: What is your favorite mystery/thriller tv show or movie and why?

October, 2023
Meghna Myneni

Dia Beri ‘25

“My fave thriller/mystery show is ‘Pretty Little Liars’ because it has the most beautiful 2000s aesthetic and always keeps me on my feet because it’s so interesting.”

Siyona Lathar ‘25

“My favorite thriller is ‘Searching,’ because I found it interesting that the entire film takes place on a computer screen while the main character searches for his missing daughter. It had a gripping storyline with twists that kept you from predicting who the kidnapper was. I also enjoy the other films this director has written and directed.”

Reya Nair ‘26

“My favorite thriller would be Alfred Hitchcock’s adaptation of ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne du Maurier. It’s a gothic psychological thriller and noir film. I love Hitchock’s sets and overall aesthetic for the movie. The book is one of my favorite novels and has an amazing plot with the best twist I’ve ever read.”

Blythe Valvanis ‘27

“I enjoyed ‘The Afterparty.’ I appreciated its lighthearted nature and how every episode is a different genre while still having an underlying murder mystery background.”