Winter Sports Recap

March, 2024
Asya Morozov β€’ Katie Qin

What was your favorite part of the season?

Boys Swim (13-1)

Alex Aprikian ’24- β€œI think my favorite parts of the season were the fun, intense meets where everyone was supporting each other and giving [their all]. I will cherish [my teammates] forever. I proudly call them family after everything we’ve been through together.”

Zachary Guan ’24- β€œMy favorite part of the season was winning [Mercer County Tournament].”

Girls Swim (14-1)

Vivian Lee ’26- β€œI really enjoyed the energy that the team had.”

Viviana Cristofanilli ’25- β€œThe most memorable part was the last meet since everyone showed up to support the girls team, and, even though we didn’t win, it was really nice to see the school spirit.”

Boys Basketball (11-13)

Henry Doran ’24- β€œ[My favorite memory of the season was] going out to dinner with the team. We got super [close], spending time outside of practice [to] hang out [because]... Coach Noone had us going really hard for 90 minutes [every practice].”

Matthew Ghaim ’26- β€œMy favorite [part] of the season was connecting with the team ... which helped us play together better.”

Girls Basketball (15-9)

Ash Nieman ’26- β€œThe Colonial Valley Conference [named] us the surprise team of the year. It definitely carried us through some tough victories, which was great for team chemistry.”

Anna Winters ’26- β€œWe had ten wins in a row, and it was just the best feeling ever to be able to achieve such a great thing with my teammates!”

Girls Fencing (0-10)

Hatsune Ishii ’26- β€œ[I liked] the state championship … it was great. [There are] many stronger fencers out there, and it was tough, but it was very interesting and a good opportunity.”

Helen Yu ’27- β€œMy favorite part of the season would be the meets. Not only was I able to cheer on my teammates, I was also able to coach them, and see them improve in live time.”

Boys Fencing (7-5)

Kyle Grzymala ’25- β€œThe most impactful event for me was senior night. It was an opportunity for the team to celebrate the seniors and to honor those who are moving on with their lives. It’s a celebratory moment … it’s an opportunity to have fun.”

Nicholas Kopaliani ’26- β€œMy favorite part of the fencing season was the Centrulo/Santelli Championships. It was an excellent display of skill, and ... Boys Γ‰pΓ©e got 4th in the state.”

Girls Hockey (3-11)

Maya Hagt ’25- β€œI think my favorite part of the season was all the team bonding we got to do, like the team dinners and team lunches ... it really brought us closer as a team.”

Tatiana Hadzic ’25- β€œ[I loved how] when we have our last practice, we dress up in costumes and ... we spend the practice doing different types of games and drills ... it’s super fun.”

Boys Hockey (5-13)

Graham Baird ’24- β€œMy favorite part was Emil Vecchi’s [’26] first goal during an end-season game against West Windsor. It got the whole team rowdy and he proved Tyler Goldberg [’24] wrong.”

Noah Vitulli ’25- β€œMy best moment of the season was probably either the second game against Notre Dame or the first game against Hopewell. It was just a real competitive game against rival schools, and you could tell everyone out there [had their] heart on the line.”

Track (N/A)

Steven Cenci ’26- β€œFor me, the best part of the season were my races. They are challenging in the moment, but when they go well it is really rewarding. The competitive aspect of them is also fun because it adds a level of importance to the race.”

Kacey Howes ’26- β€œMy favorite part [of the season] was going to the Armory in New York City. My teammates and I wore matching bows in our hair to run the 400 [meter race]. Talking to people in the heat lines is always so fun, and they’re all nice. After our race we just got to hang out, and on the bus ride home we stopped for snacks.”