PHS girls golf team kicks off their first season

April, 2023
Matthew ChenSophie ZhangJaiden Jain-EdwardsKatie Qin

As the spring season begins, the PHS girls

golf team sets off in full swing for the first time.

The team had made an impressive start to their

first year as a PHS sports team, carrying a 3–0

record so far as they aim to maintain their peak

form heading further into the season. The team

dominated the Lady Bombers Tee Off Classic

Tournament on April 19, achieving first place.

“We’re gonna have three home matches this

season, which is a lot fewer than we’ve had in the

past. But that’s super exciting, especially because

we get to go on . . . a much nicer course to play with

in the past,” said Madeleine Zang’s ’23, PHS girls

golf team captain.

This year, the team has seven new additions,

ranging from new players to experienced golfers,

who weren’t on the co-ed team the previous


“We have a bunch of seniors and a lot of

freshmen I think that signed up. So I think [that

is a] really interesting district team dynamic,”

Zang said.

Despite the changes in the team roster, they have

developed a strong, dynamic, and supportive

atmosphere, contributing to a tight knit team

culture both on and off the course.

“I think that [the team has] a really positive vibe,”

said Shreya Gaekwad ’25, one of the new members

of the girls team. “Everyone’s supportive [of] each

other and [we] play as a team.”

The team practices allow the players to improve

their golf game in an encouraging, yet competitive

atmosphere that motivates the golfers to record

lower scores on the course.

“I believe I have become more consistent on the

course and I can definitely see that coming from

the fact that I am basically playing on the course

everyday,” said Raima Srivastava ’25, one of the

golfers on the girls golf team. “I can see my score

improving everyday.

Prior to this year, the PHS Golf Team had been coed. Efforts from Zang, as well as the current boys

golf team Coach Patrick Noone, were the backbone

for the start of a separate team.

“[After the 2021 county tournaments], more girls

showed interest, and the boys golf coach, Patrick

Noone, met with the superintendent over multiple

years to institute a Princeton High School girls golf

team, which was finally approved for this school

year,” said Zang. “I know that I, along with all of

the other members of the golf team, were ecstatic

about having our very own team.”

Girls golf Coach Jess Monzo is eagerly anticipating

stepping into this new role due to his background

in coaching wrestling, as well as guiding the players

with an encouraging mood.

“It is extremely polar opposite from the other sport

I coach at PHS. Golf is very laid back and relaxing,

but the mental aspect is very much similar,” said

Monzo. “The truth is in golf you have to continue

to stay positive.”

While the journey to getting the program into

play has been challenging, the players are making

the most out of this opportunity. As they strive to

level up their game, at the same time, they also look

forward to making valuable memories through

their commitment to golf.

“A memorable time with the team was playing

‘best ball’ on the course, where you play golf and

play from the best shot,” said Srivastava. “It’s always

such a fun game and we don’t have to worry about

our scores, [since] it’s mostly for practice and fun.”

What originally started out as a dream has become

a reality for Zang’s senior year season.

“So far this season, our team has been playing

amazing, and everyone has shown immense team

spirit,” said Zang. “For the future, I hope the

Princeton High School girls golf team continues to

thrive; I know that we are all excited to see how far

our team can go in the game of golf!”